JUMP Parenting Plans Booklet



JUMP successfully published its Jewish Parenting Plans Booklet at the end of 2006 which was endorsed by the Chief Rabbi and the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.


This publication has generated support from CAFCASS, Sir Mark Potter, President of the Family Division, and Lord Justice Thorpe, Head of International Family Law for England and Wales, as being a useful document for separating and divorcing Jewish parents. 

Other Parenting Related Publications

Included on this website are important publications and resources to assist all parents addressing parenting time issues with their children. Of particular interest will be information relating to parental alienation.

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A Few Words About Us


JUMP is a voluntary Jewish support and lobby group that aims to assist with better parenting time arrangements for the non-resident parent to see their children following difficulties after the breakdown of their relationship with their former partner.


What We Do


JUMP strives to improve parent-child relationships from a religious, social and legal perspective for those parents who find themselves in this heartbreaking situation. Essentially, the aim is for both parents to be recognised as having equal responsibility for their children which is fully supported throughout all areas of the Jewish Community.


JUMP has developed helpful relationships with a number of Rabbis and social, medical and legal representatives to obtain as much support and guidance for the group's initiatives.                                                              


JUMP has also established very positive links with key UK parenting charities and support groups.





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