Template for a Parenting Plan



As part of the JUMP Parenting Plans Booklet

a Template for documenting a written overall Parenting Plan between parents is available where key information and parenting time arrangements agreed can be included and updated.









Explanation of Jewish Festivals


Information is included in the JUMP Parenting Plans Booklet about Jewish Festivals as well as English and Hebrew dates for these Festivals.


This should particularly assist those not so familiar with these festivals and the associated customs when assisting parents to reach agreements to share these very special occasions with their children.


It is very important that children can continue to share these important and nurturing religious experiences with both of their parents and their extended families and friends.

About JUMP


JUMP was initially formed in December 2001 by a group of Jewish parents responding to a lack of existing Jewish post-divorce community support providing focused help on:


Building back loving and nurturing relationships with their children
Resolving personal and children-related issues - many of a Jewish nature
Helping with crises and emotional strain following their relationship breakdown
Assisting with dispute resolution in relation to parenting time arrangements for their children
The group continued to grow and supported each other through shared experiences.

JUMP has also built positive links with all the key UK national parent and grandparent organisations as well as other Non-Government Organisations supporting parental and child relationships including, Relate, CARE and The Centre for Social Justice.


    JUMP will continue to work closely with these organisations to lobby for legal and policy changes to achieve:


A transformation in the culture of parenting for separated and divorced parents to meet the needs of 21st century family life


A legal presumption of co-parenting together with a recommendation for a minimum acceptable amount of parenting time for children to spend with both parents following separation/divorce and for children to spend time with grandparents and their extended family


An effective early intervention programme prior to Court proceedings together with the use of parenting education and formalised parenting plans


Greater sanctions for parents who do not abide by Court Orders relating to parenting time arrangements and who fabricate stories regarding the other parent to influence their children to turn away from the other parent


The aim is that with these fundamental changes a growing number of children in the UK will be able to maintain a loving, nurturing and meaningful relationship with both parents and their extended families. This will hopefully reduce the distress and tension faced by children in adjusting to the ending of their parents’ relationship.

Through our ongoing dialogue with the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, he has provided continuing support for both parents maintaining a very positive role in their children's lives following separation and divorce as confirmed by The Chief Rabbi's Office’s written evidence submitted to the Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry in January 2005.


Lobbying Activities Undertaken by JUMP


JUMP is well aware of recent Government initiatives and proposed new legislation to try to improve relationships between children and parents following separation and divorce and has provided responses to a number of Government and Law Society documents and consultations.                                                                                   

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