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Information is circulated about family law and policy issues, key national and international media coverage of parenting related issues, parental alienation and other parenting support group initiatives.


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JUMP is a completely voluntary organisation run by a dedicated group of Jewish fathers and mothers primarily based in London. Our aim is to help support Jewish parents and also parents from all backgrounds, cultures and religions that are experiencing parenting related problems following their relationship breakdown with their former partners.

In addition JUMP lobbies for key family law and policy changes which will help children to continue to have a loving, fulfilling and nurturing relationship with both parents, grandparents and their extended families after their parent's relationship ends.

We are too small a group to consider registering for charity status and so are dependent on community support to help us carry on our work.

This website was possible thanks to a generous donation from Osmond Gaunt & Rose Solicitors .

If you would like to donate to JUMP to help us continue our support work for children and parents please contact us. Sponsorship opportunities on our website may also be possible to highlight the family focused services you may offer.